Claire Myers

Graphic Designer

I am a professional designer with experience in a wide variety of design fields and working environments. My curiosity and a love of learning help cultivate my passion for design while fostering deeper understanding of both client and user needs. Currently, I am a designer in the digital marketing team at Simon Property Group. However, my interest in design has more traditional roots.

I have loved to draw and to read for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I dreamed of being an animator and began to write stories of my own. The dual passions have led me to pursue a career in graphic design, where I enjoy the challenge of exercising my aesthetic sense and technical skill in order to shape perceptions and communicate messages.

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Universe Infographic

Academic, 2012

Poster-size infographic delivers an attractive and approachable visualization of the expansion and development of the universe over the course of 14 billion years. Size, temperature, make-up and key events overlap to reveal relationships. Icons and color-coding orient the viewer to a consistent time line. The composition is unified by dot patterns that simply communicate density and change at a micro and macro level.

Project Duties

Information Design


Project Duties

Information Design, Illustration