Claire Myers

Graphic Designer

I am a professional designer with experience in a wide variety of design fields and working environments. My curiosity and a love of learning help cultivate my passion for design while fostering deeper understanding of both client and user needs. Currently, I am a designer in the digital marketing team at Simon Property Group. However, my interest in design has more traditional roots.

I have loved to draw and to read for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I dreamed of being an animator and began to write stories of my own. The dual passions have led me to pursue a career in graphic design, where I enjoy the challenge of exercising my aesthetic sense and technical skill in order to shape perceptions and communicate messages.

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Gender Blocks

Academic, 2016

The Gender Blocks campaign spreads awareness of the effects of how gender stereotyped toys limit learning opportunities for children. Friendly, colorful branding appeals to mothers of young children by speaking the familiar visual language of education and play. The shareable online quiz and informative website engages users, demonstrates the issue’s personal relevance, and empowers users with information, tools, and steps for positive change.

Project Duties



UX & Web Design



Project Duties

Research, Strategy, UX & Web Design, Branding, Illustration

Engage Parents

An online quiz invites parents to consider the traits they would like their child to develop. Quiz results display toy genres that foster the positive traits parents selected in the quiz, then shows how enforcing gender stereotypes may block access to those beneficial toys.

Educate Parents

The Gender Blocks website delivers information about the benefits of different types of toys for both genders with approachable illustrations and digestible information bites.

Empower Parents

Gender Blocks promotes brands that break down gender barriers and connects parents to outside resources, empowering them to make informed decision about their child’s play.