Claire Myers

Graphic Designer

I am a professional designer with experience in a wide variety of design fields and working environments. My curiosity and a love of learning help cultivate my passion for design while fostering deeper understanding of both client and user needs. Currently, I am a designer in the digital marketing team at Simon Property Group. However, my interest in design has more traditional roots.

I have loved to draw and to read for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I dreamed of being an animator and began to write stories of my own. The dual passions have led me to pursue a career in graphic design, where I enjoy the challenge of exercising my aesthetic sense and technical skill in order to shape perceptions and communicate messages.

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Simon Responsive Site Redesign

Simon Property Group, 2016

The re-design of Simon Property Group’s network of websites propels Simon into the mobile-responsive world, broadening the site’s reach while improving user experience. A new set of icons as well as a re-design of all of the site’s forms and interface options create unity through every page. The new responsive design delivers the plethora of information for each mall in a clean, manageable package while visually supporting Simon’s fashion-forward brand on every device.

Project Duties

Web Design

UX Design


Project Duties

Web Design, UX Design, Layout

Content Feeds

Local Mall Page

Local mall teams post news, deals, and events to their content feeds. The simple card layout accounts for user-submitted inconsistencies by displaying information optimally, regardless of image and description dimension or omission.

Feed Item Details

Local Mall Page

The item in the content feed can be expanded to reveal more information. Access to related content feed items allows for easy browsing.

About Page

Local Mall Page

Each about page provides a home for details and logistical information about the mall. It is imperative that when users visit this page, they are able to find what they need quickly and easily. Commonly sought out information and key links are featured in the left side of the page while icons help users scan and locate desired information. Collapsed accordion menus save space, reducing unnecessary scrolling while still providing access to detailed descriptions.

Mall Hours

Local Mall Page

Regular mall hours are featured in an easy-to-read table. Special holidays, dates, and hours are listed below. The week’s weather forecast, featuring special designed weather icons, help shoppers plan their next trip.

Driving Directions

Local Mall Page

Redesigned driving directions page allows users to navigate to the mall without visiting another site. A “use your location” option, auto-fill, and a familiar interface makes finding directions to the mall quick and easy.

Contact Simon

National Level Page

As part of the redesign, all online forms were standardized and redesigned for ease of use. Useful information and key links are set at the left hand side for increase visibility. Simon’s Contact page is simple and useful.